Couples Boudoir: Intimate Portraits to Celebrate Your Relationship

I recently had the pleasure of working with this lovely couple in Portland, Oregon for their Couples Boudoir session. They are engaged to be married and wanted to capture the intimate, sensual and loving part of their relationship.

Couples Boudoir Westerville Ohio

Couples Boudoir can be as sexual and private or as light and playful as the models desire. The session should bring out their personalities and details of their relationship as a couple.

Couples Boudoir Columbus Ohio

Women are encouraged to bring their favorite lingerie, just as for a regular boudoir session but many end up topless or nude. Men often start in denim jeans, and move to boxers or briefs and occasionally go nude as well. The level of nudity and suggestiveness of posing is left entirely to the discretion of the couple, however once we start photographing, the couple is usually having so much fun and gets so comfortable that their minds often change.


Couples Boudoir is classy, tasteful, private. It is a great way to document and celebrate the best part of your relationship.

Couples Boudoir Photography

Image celebrating your anniversary together sitting by the fireplace, with a bottle of wine and looking through your couples boudoir leather album, talking and reminiscing about all the sexy fun and laughter you had planning for and creating your gorgeous artwork of your relationship.

This is a story your grandchildren will love hearing.

Jean Glagola