Carson & Brandon Prom Portraits 2019

Traditionally Prom portraits are taken the day of the Prom. This can be very stressful for all involved. There’s the prep appointments of hair and makeup for the girls and even tux pickup for the boys. Dinner reservations before the Prom cut time for photos even shorter and that’s if everything else goes smoothly and everything else is on time.

Prom Photographer

To allow for a more relaxed, fun and productive Prom portrait session we often schedule Prom sessions days or weeks BEFORE or AFTER the actual Prom date. Here for Carson and Brandon we shot their Prom photos about 2 weeks before the Prom. We went to gorgeous Inniswood Metro Park in Westerville, close to sunset for the most beautiful light and took our time having fun and creating some beautiful artwork of them dressed in their Prom best.

Westerville Photographer

We had some fun and didn’t look at the time even once to be sure we were keeping on the Prom night schedule. The lovely couple were able to wear their Prom attire before the big event, test their hair style and makeup and even have their Prom portraits back by the time Prom night arrived.

Couples Portraits Westerville Ohio

Next time you have a big event, such as a Prom, consider taking your portraits before the big day so when the event arrives, you can be in the moment and completely enjoy the event.

Jean Glagola