Gina's Annual Boudoir Photoshoot

Gina is one of my longest standing clients. She has been with me right from the start of Pearlescent Boudoir Photography. Like most young women she loves to get dressed up and have her portraits taken. Her genre choice is usually boudoir. Gina’s birthday is January 20 and she is turning 27 this year. She wanted to start off with some balloons to showcase the celebration. She decided to go with a giant “2” and a “7”. There will be no missing that these portraits were taken for Gina’s 27th. As you can see, the balloons are HUGE! It’s a good thing Pearlescent’s studio has very high ceilings.

Birthday Portraits

As Gina comes in for portraits often, we are always playing with ideas to make each boudoir portrait session unique, fun and showing off Gina’s personality. This year we added in the ladder. Gina was a little hesitant to sit at the top of the 4 foot ladder but she stepped outside her comfort zone so we could get these amazing portraits of her.

Columbus Ohio Photographer
Columbus Ohio Glamour Photography

Doesn’t Gina look like a Supermodel? Her hair and makeup was done by Natalie Wilcox, La Prima Beauty and Gina supplied her own wardrobe. Then we moved on to some hair tossing. This is a fun, playful way to show off the model in movement while creating different, engaging boudoir portraits.

Columbus Ohio Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photography certainly doesn’t mean naked or obscene or even showing much skin at all, as Gina so elegantly shows us in her 2019 birthday photoshoot.

Columbus Ohio Boudoir Photographer

Gina’s full boudoir photoshoot lasted about three hours. She left feeling beautiful and so excited to see her finished boudoir portraits. When she left our Westerville studio she texted to say:

Boudoir Photography

Pearlescent Boudoir specializes in showing women, of every size, shape, age and color, their true beauty and giving them the gift of self-confidence and self-love. We do not just offer portraits, we offer a Boudoir Experience that will bring back those amazing, empowering feelings every time a beautiful client looks at her photos.

Jean Glagola