Update Your Online Image with New Professional Headshots

In this fast-paced, digital world it is necessary to put your best face forward, whether you are looking to build a business, land a new position, find a quality match on a dating site or simply look your very best on social media. Pictures grab attention and viewers make instant opinions based on your photo. “A picture is worth a thousand word”, right? What story do you want to tell?

Does a selfie convey the image you want the world to see?


In the business world, the main reason headshots are used on business cards, blogs, brochures, websites and social media is to begin building a familiarity. Potential clients see you in advertising media and not only make an split second decision on if you are friendly, trustworthy, reliable and worth working with but also begin to get to know you. The viewer sees a few photos of you, and they begin to feel like they know you. When you finally meet they have a much greater comfort level than had they not “met” you via your expert headshot. If your headshot is 10 or even 2 years old you lose that trust worthy friendship connection with a new client because they don’t look like the person they have gotten to know via photos. It is highly suggested you have a new headshot taken each year or even sooner if you change hair color, purchase new glasses,grow or remove facial hair, lose or gain weight.


Improve and update your social media presence, dating profile or blog to instantly see an uptick in interest. Science proves pretty or handsome photos on a resume gets more interviews, gets more inquiries on dating sites and more engagement on social media. Why not upgrade your image for 2019, put your best face forward and see the difference with quality professional headshots?

Quality headshots generally run $125-$500. For smaller businesses or individuals this can be a large investment. It is for this reason that Pearlescent Photo offers annual discounted headshots so everyone can afford to look their best while still looking like themselves each year. Our event this year will be held on January 22 and 23. Both appointments and walk-ins can be purchased in advance or at the door.

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