About Us

As the leading photographer in Westerville and the Columbus area, we are proud to say we have gained the trust of our local community. With years of experience behind a camera, we are the number one choice for individuals seeking professional photos in and around central Ohio.

Our team is dedicated to capturing each moment and customizing your shoot around your individual needs and expectations.

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Preserving Memories of Your Life

Pearlescent Photo provides gorgeous artwork of the people & moments you hold dearest at rates that allow you to indulge your walls with memories of a lifetime. Remember, it isn't a bargain—no matter the prices—if you don't LOVE it. Let's make some beautiful art together.


Jean Glagola

Jean is the founder and owner of Pearlescent Photo, Pearlescent Boudoir Photography and Ohio Home Pix. She fell in love with photography in High School and pursued her craft further at Jersey City State College (now New Jersey University). Pearlescent Photo began in 2014 specializing in boudoir and women, but quickly grew to include all genres of photography (except weddings). Pearlescent Photo believes a photo shoot is far more than photographs. It is a personalized experience that results in not only portraits but fond memories.


“I have always had a passion for capturing moments on film—and that's back when there was still film in cameras! I received my real camera body and lenses when I was in high school & hardly ever went anywhere without them. I then attended Jersey City State for fine art photography & worked in a portrait studio as a photographer for years until my children arrived and I became a full-time Mom. My babies provided me with constant subject matter and my camera remained a constant companion. So much has changed with digital photography but the passion & joy in capturing life's most precious moments remains timeless.”

—Jean Glagola, Founder & Owner of Pearlescent Photo

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Alyssa Bault

 Alyssa joined Pearlescent Photo in 2018.  Her love of photography started at a young age when she wouldn't go anywhere without a camera.  In high school she took several photography classes and was the Photo Editor of her high school newspaper.  She is a graduate of Michigan State University and worked in a corporate office before deciding to stay home with her two young sons.  She is looking forward to capturing the special moments in your life and growing as a photographer.